The Gang Solves the North Korea Situation

4:00PM on a Monday

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The gang discover themselves at odds with a extra profitable Korean pub proprietor who bears a placing resemblance to Kim Jong-il. Charlie additionally turns into concerned with the owner’s daughter.

Episode Synopsis

Dee is doing an impression of Christopher Walken, which the blokes mistake for Rosie Perez, and it is revealed she's engaged on it for the expertise present. Whereas Dennis, Frank and Charlie mock her lack of expertise in earlier reveals, Mac is available in sporting a badass duster, and after explaining the way it's not a jacket, Mac tells some dangerous information: the Korean BBQ place down the road signed up for the pub crawl, the place they would be the final cease. The Gang is outraged by this, since they're at all times the final cease on the pub crawl, which is the one time they make any cash. Frank complains that its as a result of the bar homeowners are North Korean, which is the "dangerous Korea." The gang will get much more upset after they hear the Korean BBQ has a well-known microbrew because the gang claims they're the "microbrew guys" (though Dee factors out their microbrew is simply trash beer poured right into a container and bought for $10 a glass.) Charlie turns into outraged over the very fact the alleged North Koreans are attempting to steal their lifestyle and decides to cease them.

Frank and Mac are on the bar to make their microbrew the place Frank is placing nearly deadly quantities of moonshine in. He then tries so as to add antifreeze and Mac stops him, saying they do not need to kill anybody. Dee arrives and complains that she has to see quite a few auditions for her expertise present and won't permit the blokes to "steamroll her" like they at all times do. She asks the place Charlie and Dennis are, and Mac states they're gathering intel and that they can not fail due to a "secret weapon" (the Duster). Dennis and Charlie enter the Korean BBQ with Dennis sporting the Duster confidently, although Charlie claims he would have worn it higher regardless of it being too massive for him. The 2 unhappily see how fashionable the bar is and are horrified at how scrumptious the microbrew is. Additionally they see that the BBQ is internet hosting a karaoke contest, with a prize of $500 and that quite a few individuals have signed up. They attempt to break down a door labeled "non-public" however are stopped by the bar's proprietor, Mr. Kim, a person who seems very very like Kim Jong-Il. He throws them out into the alley earlier than confronting a employee, Solar Li, taking a break, telling her to return to work. Charlie and the employee discuss how terrible Mr. Kim is, as he treats his employees like slave and does not let Solar Li drink beer. Charlie invitations her over to Paddy's earlier than she is summoned by Mr. Kim, and provides the 2 a romantic look. Charlie and Dennis start arguing over who she gave the impression to.

Again on the bar Mac and Frank have taken over Dee's expertise present to make it higher than the karaoke contest, a lot to Dee's dismay. Mac, Frank, and a really drunk Dee are internet hosting auditions for Dee's expertise present impersonating Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, and Paula Abdul, respectively. Mac and Frank query why Dee received drunk and he or she says its as a result of they stole her expertise present and steamrolled her like at all times. Charlie goes again to his residence and realizes Solar Li adopted him residence as a result of she likes him, regardless of seeing him eat out of the trash. The 2 hand around in Charlie's residence the place Charlie makes a victorious name to Dennis about how Solar Li selected him however turns into upset when Dennis says he is coming over to win her over.

On the Korean BBQ a drunk Dee arrives impersonating a well being inspector, "Rita Fires," and orders Mr.Kim to offer her the recipe for the microbrew. Mr. Kim sees via Dee's flimsy performing and throws her out. Dee gives to sleep with him for the recipe however he refuses. A greasy toothless Grizzled Busman gives to offer Dee the recipe in alternate for intercourse, and he or she reluctantly agrees. Dennis arrives at Charlie's residence the place Charlie gloats he and Solar Li are good for one another. Dennis confidently pops his shirt off anticipating to win Solar Li over along with his physique, however she and Charlie burst out laughing and a humiliated Dennis leaves. Dee in the meantime wakes up after banging the busboy in a really sweatshop-esque sleeping room, full with images of Mr. Kim on the wall and Korean propaganda slogans.

Again on the bar, many individuals have come to Paddy's for the Pub Crawl however Mac is worried about listening to rumors that they will depart for Mr. Kim's. Dennis arrives sporting the duster with no shirt on nonetheless humiliated and indignant at Charlie and Solar Li, however Mac is extra involved that Dennis has on his duster shirtless. Dennis fails at making Mac perceive sporting the duster shirtless is for intercourse enchantment. Frank shuffles again carrying a really giant hose and explains they will do a moist t-shirt contest. Dennis loves the concept, nevertheless, Mac expresses concern as a result of they by no means truly received any contestants for his or her expertise present within the first place. Frank brushes him off and says they will simply use the ladies which might be presently within the bar however, nonetheless pushing again, Mac says if Frank simply sprays individuals all their prospects will depart. Frank suggests they lock the door. To derail him, Mac asks Frank to get his gun and go persuade Mr. Kim's to shut for the day.

Charlie and Solar Li push via the gang and excitedly announce they're engaged. Dennis is appalled however takes observe that Solar Li is sporting a white tank prime and comes up with a plan to get Charlie to enter her within the moist t-shirt contest. He gloats he'll destroy any hope for Charlie to be blissful, which a really disturbed Mac thinks is slightly evil. Frank goes to Mr. Kim's to close it down forcefully as a contingency plan. Dee arrives on the bar and triumphantly states she has the recipe, however Mac factors out its solely in Korean. Once they take it to Solar Li to translate, they discover its a mocking observe from the busboy calling Dee a "bony American whore."

Frank arrives at Mr. Kim's and threatens him at gunpoint, however Mr. Kim states he's shutting down till he can discover his daughter, Solar Li. Frank states she's in all probability high-quality and simply met a man, however a disgusted Mr. Kim states she is barely twelve years previous. Frank is horrified and runs again to the bar to cease the moist t-shirt contest. Simply as Mac and Dennis are about to spray Solar Li, Frank dives in the way in which and proclaims she is twelve, which shocks and disgusts the assembled crowd. The bar patrons all depart whereas Dee factors out Charlie is a pedophile for sleeping with a twelve 12 months previous whereas all she did was bang a greasy Korean busboy. Charlie reveals that he and Solar Li did nothing collectively (additionally backed up by the truth that they discover kissing gross), and the gang mocks Dee for sleeping with the busboy. Mocked, fooled, put down, and completely humiliated, Dee can solely meekly say "goddamn these North Koreans" to precise her disgrace over how she's hit all-time low. Dee simply cannot catch a break.


Charlie: Ohhhhhhhh shit! Look at that door, dude. See that door there? The one marked "Pirate"? You think a pirate lives in there?
Dennis: I see a door marked "Private." Is that the door you're talking about?
Charlie: Nah, I was talking abou...I didn't say...did you...what did you hear?
Dennis: I heard you say "There was a door marked pirate living in there."
Charlie: Well are we gonna talk about pirates all day or are we gonna see what's living in there?
Dennis: You're the one that... Jesus Christ man, shit.


Charlie: It's locked! All right, let me try this out.
Dennis: What is that, your apartment key? That's not gonna work!
Charlie: Why not?
Dennis: We're not at your apartment, shithead!
Charlie: Well how many possible lock combinations can there be?
Dennis: Oh, so many, dude, like hundreds of millions.
Charlie: Well eventually they're gonna overlap--
Dennis: They're not ever gonna--
Charlie: You know what, you're right, it's not working.
Dennis: Oh, no shit.
Charlie: Well it was worth a try!
Dennis: It was not worth a try.


Charlie: OH MY GOD. Oh my god, you scared me. What are you doing?
Sun-Li: I run away!
Charlie: Okay. Good… uh. What are you doing here?
Sun-Li: I follow you home! Because… I like you.
Charlie: Nice! Good! I- 'Cause I knew- I knew that- Right on! Okay! WAIT. All the way home?
Sun-Li: Yes.
Charlie: So you saw me eat that Hot Pocket I found in the garbage?
Sun-Li: Yes.
Charlie: …Any thoughts on that?
Sun-Li: No!
Charlie: Oh man, I like you. Come on in.
Sun-Li: I like you!
Charlie: Yeah... !

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